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Let me share with you great beauty tips that you absolutely have to incorporate into your daily makeup routine! In the past, we used to wildly experiment in front of the mirror. Most women develop their own, firm makeup routine over time. Nevertheless, here and there are some real professional tricks that perfect the makeup look – and even save time in the morning! Here are some of my convenient beauty tips that you absolutely must try out:

Optically lift the eye area with concealer

For a nice natural finish, a good moisturizer before starting off with makeup is getting already the half work done. Those who refrain from the care as a basis risked an ugly, spotty result due to dryness of the skin. After applying the under eye cream, use a concealer in one to two shades lighter than your skin colour. Especially good for highlighting the under eye area are concealers with light-reflecting particles: they light up and distract fantastically from dark circles. Apply the concealer in a triangle form, starting from the inner corner of the eye and stopping about one to two centimetres below the eye. The triangle fades gently over the cheeks and creates the illusion of lifted eyes. Using this technique, the eye area is visually more radiant and looks awake, like you got those 8 hours sleep.

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Foundation well blended
Original Beauty Blender

The essential point of a foundation is to give your face a smooth complexion without making it look like a mask. The foundation itself plays an important role, as the product should suit the skin type and skin tone. The colour should differ as little as possible from your own skin tone. The colour is best tested in bright daylight on the jawline. When applying the foundation, I have one rule: less is more. Start applying the foundation sparingly in the middle of the face and then gently buff it in with a makeup brush or sponge. The outer edge blinds with a beauty sponge or fingers, so there no excess makeup from the brushlands. So you avoid a mask-like effect. Does not the foundation blend in with the finger because the skin is too dry? Then spritz a little setting spray and blend out the edges fast before it dries down.

The natural glow-trick Highlighting the cheeckbones and brow bone area

To keep your natural radiance even after applying foundation, simply don’t powder the entire face. Using too much powder can leave your face too heavily matted and dull. Apply transparent powder only on the T-zone: on the forehead, nose and chin, also in the under eye area, when you have used a concealer. The cheeks area you can leave unpowdered in order to keep the natural radiance of the skin. So the first step to the natural glow is already done. For bringing back some dimension to the face, use a bronzer or just a blush in a coral shade for some extra freshness of the skin. On the highest point of your cheekbones and on the brow bones, add a touch of highlighter – and the perfect glow is done!

Power eyelashes without spider lashes

Caked eyelashes make the entire look unkempt quickly. In order to achieve a clean result, start by tapping the lashes a couple of times. Only then with the brush through the entire length. Thus, the individual eyelashes are much better separated from each other and there are no lumps. If a few eyelashes stick together, you can separate them with a dry eyelash brush, as long as the ink has not dried yet.

Applying mascara
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Full eyebrows thanks to baby powder

If you want to visually fill your eyebrows, you can just brush some baby powder on the eyebrows before applying the eyebrow powder – for example, with an eyelash comb. In this way, the individual hairs thicker and small gaps you cover perfectly. If you are going to use an eyebrow gel, it is best to brush it from the inside out, start with the outer hair and work inside. The hair is better absorbed by the brush and covered with gel more intensively.

Dream lips with lipstick layering

Of course, lipstick may end up in a hurry directly without preparation on the lips. But who wants a really nice finish, should use the following tricks: round your lips first with a lip liner. This ensures that the edge remains nice and clean and the lipstick stays in place. If you do not like too strong contours around the lips, you can also use a nude-coloured or transparent pencil. The second trick is to apply the lipstick with a brush. So you manage much better to bring just the right amount of colour to your lips. Lastly, put on a second lipstick that slightly changes the nuance. Particularly great effects arise, for example, in matt colours in combination with a particularly creamy lipstick or a metallic nuance in the middle of the lips.

Lip liner application trick

The no-makeup makeup look

Do you have the impression that you have applied too much makeup by mistake? Then sprinkle your face with a little bit of thermal or rose water or a setting spray. Go once again over very lightly with a beauty sponge and voila! The moisture melts the makeup better with the skin and does not make you look too heavily made-up. Also great: The spray is perfect for refreshing your complexion on the go.

Urban Decay Setting Spray
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These are my ultimate beauty tips & trick for instantly looking better. Did you know some of them? What are your daily tricks, which easy up your makeup routine in the morning? Share them with me in the comment section below, and also let me know if you enjoy reading such types of posts. 🙂




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