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The year is halfway through, but let’s still mention the beauty trends of 2018. This post may inspire some of you to try something new and even better – to discover new favourites in the beauty category. 🙂

Beauty Trend #1: Sensitive clean with the oil cleansing method:

Wash cream, gel or foam? Why not try oil cleansing! The first trend, which I noticed among many YouTubers is the cleaning of the face with oil-based products. The main benefit from including such products in your daily routine – they don’t dry out the skin and provide deep cleaning of the pores. Additionally, even the waterproof makeup is easily and very fast off without any unnecessary rubbing, which may lead to irritation of the skin. This cleansing method is not great only for women with very dry to dry skin, but also any another skin type can benefit from it. For example the combination of castor and lavender oil for acne-prone skin. For dry skin the mixture of castor and olive oils is amazing. Even the people with very sensitive skin can use the method by mixing castor and jojoba oils.

Beauty Trend #2: New enzyme peelings are even more gentle to the skin:

In order to keep the natural skin glow, the healthy diet is a must, as well as the regular removal of dry spots. For those of you, who are not coming along well with peelings – try the enzyme peeling. Regardless of the consistency – in powder or cream form – the peeling should always be applied on the clean skin and as the producer’s instructions. The product must be washed out from the face and neck with warm water. Later on, you can use your usual face toner or water and moisturizer.



Beauty Trend #3: Semi-permanent eyebrows:

The perfectly shaped eyebrows are a hot topic, maybe due to the recent popularity of the microblading. But there are further options for those who are still hesitating: eyebrow tattoos with henna seem to be the hot trend of 2018. Gaps can be perfected, also the shape of the brows can be corrected. Positive side: if you don’t like them, the result will be gone in only 6 short weeks.

For those of you, who are still not entirely convinced – I have found another alternative, with even shorter effect. Many brands have come out with brow tattoo gels, which provide a hold for up to 72 hours. In only 20 short minutes you can get the gaps in the brows perfected, and this – in the comfort of your home. If this is not yet another positive 😉

Beauty Trend #4:Dream lashes with lash lifting:

Lash extensions are working perfectly among many women and it’s becoming a regular procedure, just like the visit by the hairdresser. This method should be made by a professional, otherwise, the natural lashes can be damaged. One much cost-friendlier and a milder alternative is the lash lifting. The lashes get darker, so you also can skip on mascara for the next up to 6 weeks.

Beauty Trend #5: Aloe Vera – in trend again:

The aloe vera is indeed popular among many of you, but it’s also the one product, which is obviously in trend in 2018. The leaf-juice has a magic-like effect on the skin when there are any skin problems – starting for a sunburn to light acne and skin redness. The aloe vera has an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and regenerating effect on the skin.
Especially for light skin problems, the aloe vera gives an extra boost to moisturizer, if used before the day- or night cream. It can be applied only to the problem areas or on the whole face and neck.

WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM – MAY 19: Meghan Markle (Photo by Jonathan Brady – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Beauty Trend #6: All natural – no more cakey face and heavy contour:

In makeup, the rule “Less is more!” definitely applies to this season and beautiful, natural skin is the go-to trend in the make up industry. Natural glow and light foundation are essentials for embracing the face features. As the summer season is officially here, the heavy contours will be replaced by another popular technique – the strobing. Some may decide to skip on the powder highlighters and replace them with a liquid one, as it gives a more natural glow. Another alternative would be to skip entirely on the highlights and embrace the natural glow by preparing the skin and excluding heavy powders for the beauty routine.

Getty Images – Source:harpersbazaar.com


Beauty Trends #7: Headbands and braids – are we back in high school:

We all remember emblematic characters like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl and her obsession with headbands. Looks like this hair accessory is stepping back in trend. Regardless of the shape and colour – the headbands will be a hot topic, the only rule here – it should match the outfit.
Further hair trend, which reminds of the school years, are the braids. The classical fishtail braids are so convenient for the summer season – your hair is in place all they long and on the next day you can rock with no-heat beach waves. 2-in-1 – score! 😉


Lastly, I hope you found this blog post interesting and helpful. Let me know in the comment section, which trend would you personally try and which is not your thing? I am curious to hear your opinion.

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