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Wardrobe Essentials Part II – Black Edition

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Преди две седмици започнах новата кратка поредица, посветена на Wardrobe Essentials. В днешната неделна публикация се завръщам със втората част. Както вече сте разбрали от самото заглавие, днес поставяне фокуса върху незаменимите черни елементи, които никога не излизат от мода. Освен това, те са идеално допълнение към капсулния гардероб, ако се опитвате да изградите такъв. […]

Wardrobe Essential Basics for Chic Looks – Part I

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Въпреки че в момента повечето от нас са сменили дънките и кокетните рокли с спортни долнища и чехли, има някои Wardrobe Essential Basics, които винаги ще останат модерни. Факт е, че не знаем колко време ще ни се наложи да работим от комфорта на дома си. Но гардероб с надеждна основа от дрехи ще ви […]

10 ways to always look put together

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Hello, my lovies, looking put together can be stressful and sometimes time-consuming. Today I will share with you my 10 ways of always looking at our best without having to invest a lot of time and efforts. As the timeless fashion icon, Coco Chanel said: “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and […]

Spring inspired outfits for any occasion – Tops for spring

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Dear reader, after talking to you about some of the clothing essentials for the spring season, today is time to show you few spring inspired outfits, suitable for any occasion. Wearing any of them, insures that you will be in tackt with the newest fashion trends. Classical blazer and jeans – comfort before Hitting it […]

Wardrobe essentials – Nine pieces you definitely need

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Dear reader, Maybe you would be asking the question “what is considered as wardrobe essentials?” Some define it as a certain piece of clothing which is fashionable for the season; others see essentials as clothes which are there to be universally used for any occasion. I personally see those must have as a challenge of […]