Hello, my lovies,

I hope you had a great week, despite the rainy days in Germany at least. As the end of June is coming closer and closer, it’s time to share with you my monthly favourites. I would separate them into few categories: Makeup, Skin Care, Hair & Nails and Accessories. As in every other post, the products will be linked after the post, so if you are curious where to purchase some of them or what is the price – check below and now let’s continue to my favourites for June. 🙂

Let’s start with the category “Accessories“:


In the month of June, I noticed how I tend to use my Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme perfume much more than any other. The fragrance is strong and with it, I always connect confidence. The main notes in this fragrance are aldehydes and peaches. The heart radiates feminine white flowers, jasmine and sensual violet. The longevity of the perfume is long, an example would be that I still feel the smell in the evening on my wrists.

Within this category, I would also fit my Daniel Wellington watches: one of them purchased in May, the other is in my collection for at least three years. Switching between both and not forgetting a day within this month, they became part of my daily outfit and a such without which I can’t go out of the apartment in the morning.


FavouritesThe next category is “Hair & Nails“:

I can’t miss sharing with you my beloved hairspray from Loreal, which provides me with the best hold, despite the weather conditions. In June, there were more curls in my hairs and since they take a while to be made, of course, I wanted to save this results for longer. Even in the rainiest and humid day in Munich – Thursday, 28.06 – my hair and curls were in place. Maybe you also noticed my from my Instagram story, after I arrived home.

With the spring and summer season here, I want to bring some brightness not only in my outfits but also on my nails. Mostly in this season, I choose to go with light, pastel colours or something really bold like hot pink. But this month, mostly I was grabbing my Essence nail polish in 33 wild white ways. From essence recommend to use their intensifying base coat and so I did – the results: amazing colour, which lasted for at least five days. I would definitely try more colours from the essence nail polishes, which are also very cost-friendly.

FavouritesContinuing with “Skincare” and my two favourites in this category:

I couldn’t help to show you once again my La Roche Posay Emulsion. The light consistency provides my skin with enough moisture for the entire day. Additionally, the fluid is mattifying, paraben-free and oil-free, which makes it suitable for combination, oily and sensitive skin types. I have recently repurchased it again and I think it would be my favourite for daily skin care for months and months. 🙂

One relatively new product in my collection, but it made it to my favourites in no time. I am talking about the Clinique Take a day off Make up Cleansing balm and this is the travel size of the product. I wanted to test it for a while now, as I’ve heard many positives from YouTubers. Very easy to use and suitable for any skin type – this cleansing balm is gentle to the skin and doesn’t dry it out as other makeup removers.


FavouritesLast, but indeed most interesting, I saved the “Makeup” category.

Starting with an old favourite, which was slightly replaced by the BeautyBlender in the past month – the BH Cosmetics Buffing Foundation Brush. Let’s just mention for a second, how pretty it is – the rose gold has been an addiction for me lately. Just like the BeautyBlender, I clean it after every use to remove the dirt and to lower the possibility of getting skin irritations and pimples.

Together with the BH Cosmetics brush, I use the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in 1N2. The foundation has medium to high coverage, depending on the application tool, which definitely can be build up. Even though it’s provided me with full coverage, it isn’t cakey. The products last on my combination skin for the whole day, up to 13 hours with a touch up somewhere in the middle. It has been my favourite foundation for years now and probably this is at least the third bottle of it. 😀

Still in Makeup category:

The Trend it up! face palette combines a contour colour, bronzer and highlighting setting powder. Very compact and cost-friendly product, which is convenient for trips. The contour colour contains just enough grey notes and is great for people with very light to light skin. The bronzer is very pigmented so be careful when using it, but as soon as you get on hold of this fact – it compliments the skin perfectly. I can’t say much about the highlighting setting powder, as it has been tested very few times, but it was providing me with a good result – a little creasing of the concealer at the end of the day, but no major mess.

I can’t miss mentioning my go-to-combination of mascaras. Length and volume, no smuggling – these two are great partners in crime. I start by applying the L.O.V. Guilty Lash Mascara, which provides me with the dream length and carbon black colour. This one has a rubber brush. Then I go with my Loreal Paradise Extatic, which is claimed to be a dupe to the Too Faced very famous mascara with the vibrant name – Better Than Sex. As I have used both, I can say that I like the Loreal version better due to the no smuggling effect.

So to sum it up – these are my favourite products for the month of June. I hope you found this post interesting and it helped you discover some new products to test out. What are your monthly favourites and go-to products? Share them with me in the comment section below 😉

Forever yours,


This blog post is not sponsored and all the provided links below are non-affiliated, despite this based on the recent changes in the German law, it should be marked as an advertisement.

1.Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme – Link – Price for 50ml: 81,00 (currently reduced on 61,48)
2. Daniel Wellington “Classy Sheffield” – Link – Price: 127,00 (currently reduced on 69,89)
3. Daniel Wellington “Classic Petite” – Link – Price: 129,00
4. Loreal Hair Spray – Link – Price: 3,35
5. Essence Nail Polish in 33 wild white ways – Link – Price: 1,55
6. La Roche Posay Toleriane Fluide Emulsion – Link – Price: 16,50 – currently reduced on 12,94
7. Clinique Take a day off Cleansing Balm – Link – Price: 21,99
8. BH Cosmetics Buffing Brush – Link to set – Price of set:
9. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation – Link – Price: 43,99 (currently reduced on 36,99)
10. Trend it up! Face Palette – Link – Price: 5,95
11. L.O.V. Guilty Eyes Mascara – Link – Price: 9,95
12. Loreal Paradise Extatic – Link – Price: 11,95