Dear reader,

getting up close and personal is one of my goals for this blog and starting it off with 11 facts about me would set the beginning. It shouldn’t be only open about my opinions on beauty and fashion topics, but also about myself. If it’s interesting for you to learn some random facts about me, keep on reading. ?

1. For the past four years I am living in the lovely Munich, but I am born and raised in the sunny Balkan country – Bulgaria

2. I have been interested in beauty and fashion for several years now, but somehow I was never brave enough to start my own blog on those topics

3. This is not my first blog – As I was still in high school, I had a webpage about short stories on various topics – I liked to call it my digital diary, shared  with the world

4. I am student of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich and my field of studies is economics

5. My zodiac sign is cancer, but very few of the sign stereotypes are true about me

6. I have a “love-hate-relationship” with spring – this is my favorite season, but those allergies … ugh

7. Many people know that tennis is my favorite sport, but only few are aware that I enjoy and prefer watching football

8. I love the taste of coffee, therefore I usually drink up to 4-5 cups a day. Not very healthy, but this is my guilty pleasure ?

9. I like to rewatch my favorite tv shows – now I am again on Friends and it’s still funny, even after the 10th time

10. All the questions about the purpose and meaning of life are fascinating to me

11. If I have to describe myself with one word only, it would be curious, because of it – I learned many important lessons in life

I hope you found those 11 facts interesting. For more blog posts like this onw, stay tuned – they will come in the nearest future!

Forever yours,