Hello, my lovies,
let me start this new post with “happy new year”, may this one be good to you and bring you lots of happiness and luck. I hope you are all well rested and had an amazing time with family and friends. Unfortunately, the holiday season is already behind us and we all have to come back to our daily life. It might be difficult for us all, as the cold weather and low temperatures are still here. On top of that, the days are still short and the limited sunlight in the winter months might demotivate us all and let us feel blue. What I have prepared today, are some tips on how to overcome to constant tiredness and to get back on track with the daily activities without the desire to take a nap in the early afternoon hours. And without much more unnecessary words, let’s jump in! 🙂

Long day at work – Make yourself cozy at home

In the winter, we might get the feeling that our working hours are longer than usual. Well, that’s understandable, as it gets dark already by 16:30, sometimes when earlier, if the weather is cloudy. You deserve a good rest and some cozy time at home. Make sure you get it! What helps me to relax the most, and also worm up, are a pair of fuzzy socks in cute colors. A cup of camomile tea or some hot cocoa, would help you calm down. Also, the sound of cracking fireplace creates the illusion of more warmth and coziness. Sadly, we don’t all have a fireplace to light up. But Netflix or YouTube have our back there – on both of the platforms you can find a video.

Detox your body and skin

No, here I am not talking about dieting, rather than giving a chance to our bodies to clear from the delicious, but heavy meals from over the holiday. For instance, you can very easy and fast prepare a cream soup with your favourite veggies or have a nice iceberg tomato salad with a homemade yoghurt dressing. Also don’t forget to hydrate your body – drink a lot of water, as this is one of the key points of overcoming tiredness.
Smoothies are a great way to provide your body with the required vitamins, so that we stay healthy. There are many nice and fast suggestion, which would even save you some time in the morning.
Your skin also needs some extra care in the winter, therefore give it what she needs – twice or three times a week a mask can help you with the dryness.

Exercise, exercise, and more exercise

It might sound weird, as exercising can be tiring. I am talking about light exercises for 15 to 30 minutes a day. At first, the tiredness might be more, but don’t give up! Give it a few weeks and then you will notice a huge difference in how energetic you are. For example, you can start with Yoga or Pilates from beginners. A few easy exercises or even a short stretching session can also be a great option. There are many good suggestions on YouTube.
Another great option is swimming. In case you have a swimming pool close by, try going there once or twice a week as an alternative to your home workout.

Spend some time outside or let the fresh air in

Even me, and I am a person who dislikes the cold, I noticed a huge difference when I started opening the window. Every morning, I use the 5-10 minutes, while getting ready in the bathroom, to let fresh air inside my bedroom. True, it is cold inside, but then I am getting awake faster.
Also short walks in the nature can help you be more energetic. Try not to postpone or even skip them. You can as well replace them with outside activities such as ice skating, which can be lots of fun.

So my loves, as always I hope you found this post interesting and helpful. Let me know in the comments below, what are your tips & tricks for overcoming tiredness.

Forever yours,