Hello, my lovies,  today I am turning 25 and in this blog post, I will show to you once again a very personal side of mine. Through those 25 years, I have learned this and that in life. Some of those life lessons weren’t hard to process and understand. Others, took me time and several tries, but ended up to be the most important. These are my most valuable 25 life lessons for 25 years of living.

But before we start with the list, let’s put a question of the post: what is your essential lesson in life? Write your answer in the comment section down below. And without further to do, let’s jump into the post. 😉

Life lesson #1: Perfection is a quality, which human beings can’t have

Perfection is one of those qualities, which I always wanted to have. But somewhere on my path, it was clear – perfection cannot be achieved by me, not to mention that it’s also boring. There is no such thing as a perfect human being. Therefore I made my choice to stay imperfect, but true to myself. In conclusion: I am 25 and still imperfect.

Life Lesson#2: Failure doesn’t define you, what does is how you look at it

For my 25 years, life has been a roller coaster, with up and down, with good and bad experiences. I’d lie if I say, I have never failed. But one main lesson in this direction is that I shouldn’t let failure define me. It is a new opportunity that motivates me more, which drives me to give 101% of myself and to prove that I can better. In many way failure is just a reminder that some milestones require this extra dedication, to actually appreciate it.

Life Lesson#3: It’s better to have lower expectations

Having low or no expectations, make life happier, it doesn’t disappoint. Whenever something good happens, I get to be pleasantly surprised, if it doesn’t work out this way – oh well, at least I am not disappointed. Lower expectations helped me also with people. The fewer expectations I have for someone, the better for them – there is no stress of constantly for both sides.

Life Lesson #4: Don’t chase after people

In the past, I have chased people and it was one of the greatest mistakes of my life. No one can force an interaction, a friendship or even a relationship. This was one of the hardest life lessons to learn – but once I did, I also understood what my worth is and if someone chooses not to be part of my life – it’s also fine.

Life Lesson #5: Invest in yourself, your future and personal development
By this, I don’t only mean money, but also time. Investing time as an adult is one of the complicated tasks, as time is so limited. But trust me in this one, the more time you give to yourself, your body, your future and life will be grateful.
Life Lesson #6: Trust your gut feeling – it’s nearly always right
Life Lesson #7: Conflicts are not necessarily a bad thing
Life Lesson #8: “Stay hungry, stay foolish”

By this one it’s meant to stay motivated for more, to develop further, to be better and to always, always, always be one step in front of everyone

Life Lesson #9: Be patient – with life, with people …

Maybe one of the hardest lessons for me, as I am generally an impatient person. Good things take time and hard work, good people need time to open completely and trust, don’t give up easily. Also, don’t confuse patience with chasing people, they are not the same

Life Lesson #10: Don’t have dreams, have goals

Having a dream is like leaving it to faith to happen. Setting a goal is putting faith in your own hands or making your own faith.

Life Lesson #11: Time can heal everything

There have been quite a few moments when I thought “This time it wouldn’t heal”. Truth be told, it did. And the only thing your heart and maybe even brain needs is time. Time to process, time to forgive, time to forget and time to start clean.

Life Lesson #12: Love yourself

This one starts with acceptance – the ability to understand that you are good enough, that you are worth it, that you can. Only once you are aware of these examples, you can truly love yourself. It took me many years to process it and build up to confidence, which makes me love myself.

Life Lesson #13: The only opinion, that matters is your own

As we grow, we all meet people, whom we want to impress and their opinion drew our life path. As stepping into adulthood, I understood how much of time I have invested to impress others, by listening too much to them or caring too much about their opinions. It’s good to ask your close circle, but in the end, the decision lay with you.

Life Lesson #14: Stop apologizing for who you are
Life Lesson #15: Be curious and ask questions
Life Lesson #16: Skincare first, make up a second

In my teenagers, I was only thinking about how to cover those blemishes, but not what was their origin. Now, skincare comes first, even though I adore makeup.

Life Lesson#17: You aren’t always right
Life Lesson #18: Changes are good
Life Lesson #19: Work-life balance doesn’t exist

At least it doesn’t exist for me. In every job, which I had, I give my heart, my soul and 101% to prove myself.

Life Lesson #20: Accept constructive criticism
But only when it’s constructive, otherwise you don’t need the negativity in your life. 😉 It would help you develop yourself.
Life Lesson #21: Choose to look at the positive side

When one door closes, another one opens. Having a positive attitude about life makes it even happier. Trust me, being positive is more fun 😉

Life Lesson #22: Be honest with yourself
Life Lesson #23: You don’t know it all and the learning never stops
Life Lesson #24: Keep yourself to yourself

A short disclaimer here: Of course, with my closest friends and family I am 100% me, but I learned it the hard way that not everyone will wish you the best and that some are glad about your failures. Therefore, choose wisely whom you can and cannot trust.

Life Lesson #25: Just be happy

Last but most important, learn that your happiness is key. Have fun, enjoy life and don’t take it too seriously. Cherish the little things, appreciate the happy moments.

These were my 25 life lessons, learned by the age of 25. I hope you got to get to know me better and you found the post interesting. Share with me your most important life lesson in the comment section below.

Forever yours,