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I hope you had a great week! Several weeks back, I asked my Instagram followers if they want to see a review of the newest Anastasia Beverly Hills palette – Norvina. The results were clear – a big “Yes”! Therefore, today’s post is dedicated to my opinion about the palette. Are the shadows pigmented, how do they blend, is the palette worth it – keep on reading to find out. 😉

The inspiration behind the palette – who is Norvina?

I always like to hear the pre-story of a product and what is the inspiration behind. Let’s start the post with a little information about the face behind this wonderful palette – Norvina. She is Anastasia’s daughter and Creative director of the brand. Norvina describes this product as her “go-to eyeshadow palette”. It represents her spirit and she states how those are colours, which make her feel “happy”. Who has seen Norvina and her makeup, knows that she is creating art on her eyelids. She is not afraid to experiment with colours, and this we can see from the colours she included in her palette. Norvina stated in the product presentation, how it was a challenge for her to narrow the choice down to only 14 shades.

The palette itself

The product has the usual Anastasia palettes design – the velvety top cover in lavender purple. The colour of the cover already gives out the main colour scheme of the shadows inside – purples and pinks. It includes fourteen whimsical shades ranging from bold and bright mattes to soft pastel shimmers. The whole top roll contains the shimmers. This is the first time in an Anastasia palette, where we have such a various choice of shimmering shadows. In the bottom roll, we have all the mattes – well-arranged from light to dark. Note: Base, Incense and Love have a slight satin finish in the pan, but barely noticeable on the eye. Probably that lays on the blendability of those three shadows.

Each eyeshadow pan is 0.9 grams, which means that you pay 4,85 euros per gram. Together with the palette, you get a duo shadow brush – blending and flat brush in one, and there’s a mirror inside the palette. This makes it convenient for travelling. The product is cruelty-free and can be used for at least 18 months after the opening, depending on the storage of the product.

Where can I purchase it?

The product is available on the US and UK pages of Anastasia Beverly Hills, as well as on BeautyBay and Beautylish. The price varies from the currency exchange course, but it’s roughly around the 50 Euros, which is the standard price of the Anastasia palettes. A side note to ordering from Beautylish and the US page: you would need to pay also customs taxes, but the shipment is securely packed.

The colour scheme

I was one of the people, who were immediately intrigued by the palette and the colours inside. What attracted me to this palette was the lavender purple shade, called Soul. Already by the photos release, I knew that this palette will be purchased from me. Recently what the consumer sees on the market are the warm-tone colour schemes in eyeshadows palettes. The Norvina palette combines warm and cool tones, has the pinks and purple and it’s definitely something, which we haven’t seen recently.

What I find appealing in it, is the multifunctionality of the product: the created looks can be very neutral, but also the pop of colour is there, so a look can be fast transformed from day to night.  As a makeup collector, I’d wish to have less neutral tones and a darker matte purple. But from a consumer view, it’s an all-round palette, for day and evening looks.

Swatches and the makeup look

The Anastasia shadows swatch beautifully. The rich pigment of each one can be seen in the pictures below.

For this first look, I’ve created with the Anastasia palette, I wanted to use the beautiful lavender shade called Soul and the pinks. I started off with a transition shade in the crease. On a blending brush from BH Cosmetics, I picked up the colour Love and applied it to the crease. After blending the shadow, on a smaller blending brush I am picking up the beautiful lavender shade and started applying it to the inner and outer corner of the eyelid, without covering the pink transition shade. In the middle of the lid, I used a combination of two shades – Celestial and Wild Child.

Around the lower lash line, I have mirrored the steps from the lid. For an extra highlight, I applied the colour Dreamer on the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eye. This step opens the eye additionally and has an awakening effect on the eye look.

The comparison between the palettes

As there has been a lot of comments, how the Norvina palette and more specifically the browns inside are nothing new, I’d like to include a comparison pictures and comments within this review.

ABH Soft Glam vs. ABH Norvina

When I look into the Soft Glam, I see a neutral palette with warm shades. The Norvine includes cooler shades of browns, therefore I wouldn’t say that I see any similarities between the two.

ABH Modern Renaissance vs. ABH Norvina

Compared side by side, the two ABH palettes don’t have much in common: the colour scheme is very different. The Modern Renaissance includes berry tones and warm oranges. The Norvina has cooler tones, even the Browns are not similar.

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk vs. ABH Norvina

Here we have similar tone selection, but again the Huda Beauty palette includes warmer shades. The lavender purple in Norvina has cooler tone, as the purple in the HB is warmer and darker. Small similarities can be noticed by the neutral shades.

Overall conclusion

To those who are familiar with the ABH eyeshadows, this would be no new information – they are as they are: very pigmented, easy to blend. Personally, I like the quality, but it also is important what you prefer in your shadows. This is why I would like to make a side note: they are very pigmented and extremely powdery. That would mean that you will get a lot of kick-back when picking up a colour from the palette. So far I have barely noticed any fall-out with any of the shadows, but you have to go it the pan with a brush very light handed and tap the access powder off the brush.

The quality of the product is out of this world. Even beginners will find the work with the palette very easy. The blendability is amazing, therefore I found it uncomplicated and fast to create any look with it. The combinations, which you can make with it, are unique – mixtures of cool and warm tones, which harmonise perfectly with each other.

The longevity of any of the shadows is amazing. They are long lasting on the lid, not disappearing after an hour or two. So far, I haven’t noticed any creasing of the shadows.

Is it worth the hype?

The Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes are very high-quality, and the newest edition – Norvina – makes no difference. I would definitely purchase the palette once again and I can recommend it to anyone. Regardless if you are a beginner or a makeup artist, this is an allrounder palette, with a pop of colour inside.

My lovies, this was the today’s post. I hope you found it interesting and helpful. Leave me a comment below, if you liked the review and if you have any new releases, which I shall review in my blog.

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