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Maybe you would be asking the question “what is considered as wardrobe essentials?”

Some define it as a certain piece of clothing which is fashionable for the season; others see essentials as clothes which are there to be universally used for any occasion. I personally see those must have as a challenge of my comfort zone style and a get-away of it. But still, remember the following: in order to show confidence, you would have to feel “in your skin” no matter what you are wearing. 🙂

Let’s begin with the ten wardrobe essentials for the Spring/Summer 2018:

High-Waist Belted Trousers1. High-Waist Belted Trousers

Source: ( – $45,99
No matter if it is a pick for the office or a casual day outfit, the high-waist belted trousers are a great piece for every woman this season. The trousers are offered in many colours: from neutrals through soft pastel shades to very bright and playful colours, suitable for any occasion. Regardless of the colour scheme, you would want to wear them all over again this season.

2. Chunky Sneakers

New Balance chunky sneakers
Source: ( ) – $220
Chunky sneakers – we all have seen them and no, they are not only used for sports activities this season.  They are suitable for any casual outfit, even a lot of fashion bloggers have been showing how to combine and integrate them into our everyday life. For some of you, those sneakers could be too à la eighties-dad-on-vacation, but they are quite comfortable, and who doesn’t want comfort in the dynamical everyday live?

3. Midi Dresses

Midi Dress in Floral
Source: ( ) – $44
The beautiful pieces have been seen more and more in the past months in various colours schemes and motives. The midi dresses are a great transition from winter to spring season, can be easily integrated into the everyday wear and additionally are considered a wonderful outfit for the office.

Hoop Earring4. Hoop Earrings

Source: ( – $70
Guess who is back in trend this spring season – the hoop earrings. They are a universal piece of accessories, combinable with very casual, but also with the strict office dress code. Get yourself a pair and I promise you, you wouldn’t want to take them down this season.

Polka-Dot Blouse5. Polka-Dot Top

Source: ( – €44
This classical piece is coming back in trend this spring season. There is something romantic about those tops, which give you the 50s vibe and make you wanna wear red lippie and fall in love (not necessarily with someone else ? )

6. Skirt Suit

Yet another classic – let the 90s babe in you out. Because it is not going to be spring,if there is nothing nostalgic about it.

7. Straw BagStraw Bag from Zara

Source: Zara ( – $50
Straw bags will be the IT accessory this summer season. Bringing the beach vibes, they will leave you with the feeling that the summer is already here and it’s already time for afternoons around the lakes with a refreshing drink.

8. Boxy JeansBoxy Jeans fro myTheresa


Source: My ( – €273
And here is another fashion come back, this time from the early 2000’s. There is something which we all used to love in that one pair of jeans, but can we fall in love with them once again especially after the skinny jeggings are still in our hearts?

9. Fuzzy Jacket

Fuzzy jacket in pink
Source: ( – €68
The fuzzy jackets should not be a surprise for anyone. We have been wearing them since the autumn and it’s understandable why we would like to keep them in our wardrobes also for the spring seasons. They can warm us up in the cold spring evening when the sun lights are already gone.

Those are the wardrobe essentials for the spring/summer season. Let me know which one of those trends would you follow and which one might not be your favourite one.
Any suggestion for future posts, as well as critics – are more than welcome.

Forever yours,