“You better watch out, you better not cry
Better not pout, I’m telling you why
Santa Claus is comin’ to town …”

Oh, Thanksgiving 2019 is the history, but most of the Black Friday offers are still available into the weekend end. With Christmas just around the corner, most of us start putting more and more thoughts into the gift season and how exactly to surprise family and friends with incredible presents. Let me save you some of the headaches around picking gifts. 😉 Below you can find 50 incredible ideas, happy shopping and enjoy the giving!

Perfect present for all my beauty junkies

We all know at least one gentleman in our life, who you most definitely require some guidance with the Christmas gift picking and would go to Google for advice. After all, Google knows it all, right? 😉 What is always a good idea is some beauty related product, with such you can never go wrong:

1. For the perfect make-up appearance, a set of brushes can come in handy. A great option is the BH Studio Pro set of 13 pieces.
2. If you are looking for exclusive high-end perfume at good price, check out the new Jo Malone x Zara collection. My personal favourite is the Waterlily Tea Dress.
3. Every woman wants to have the hair salon volume, but sometimes it is hard to find the right tools. Remington took care of that by introducing the Curl & Straight Set.
4. For the statement, but elegant eye looks there is nothing better than the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette. Overall, the ABH palettes are amazing, read a review of the Norvina palette here.
5. As skincare is such an important step in every woman’s routine and we are all exposed to low temperatures, the Honest Beauty face oil is a great addition to the evening rituals.

6. As it is the season of sparkle, let’s not forget the Becca collection of highlighters. My personal recommendation is the colour Moonstone.
7. For the ladies, who prefer sleek and straight hair, a wonderful gift would be a hair-straightener.
8. What would be Christmas without the statement red lip? The Starwoman lipstick from Nars has a comfortable formula and rich red colour.
9. The perfect nails are must throughout the year, therefore the NeoNails set for gel nails with a UV lamp and five colours of nail polish is a useful present.
10. Rituals have some of the best gift sets, which doesn’t only smell amazing, but also offer optimal care to your skin.

Gift Guide for the creative among you

1. Many people enjoy expressing their creativity by drawing. Additionally, it has been proven to be a relaxing and calming down activity. A set of colour pencils and a mandala drawing book would help them distance from busy everyday life.
2. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, so the Fujifilm Instax mini 9 would help them capture moments, worth remembering.
3. Who doesn’t enjoy the beauty of modern calligraphy? Give your creative friend a beginners set & guide.
4. Creative people appreciate personalized gift. Doesn’t matter if it is a personalized friendship bracelet,
5. Or a leather key chain with their initials,

6. Or even a cute iPhone case with their name.
7. The digital creators would love a 3D pen.
8. As 2020 is just around the corner, giving a beautiful planner would help your friends stay organized.
9. And to help them fill the planner out with style, a stylish Swarovski pen in rose gold.
10. And some food for the souls – the book of poetry “Milk & Honey” by Rupi Kaur.

Presents for the interior lovers

Exactly around Christmas and new years, we all spend plenty of time at home. And what is better than a present for the cosy place:

1. The best accompanist for the cold days and movie afternoons might forever stay a chunky knit blanket, which would also look amazing as an accessory for your living room.
2. Candle scent and light create a magical atmosphere in every home, especially if the fragrances remind of cinnamon & vanilla.
3. When in doubt, get a Westwing gift card.
4. If there is no central piece as the coffee table, a sleek marble tablet and few candles can be a perfect gift.
5. And how about giving a photo frame with a common picture?

6. An interior lover with a passion for fashion would appreciate the iconic Prada picture, hanging in their home.
7. Around Christmas, we all enjoy hot tea or delicious hot chocolate. A new set of mugs for serving is always a good idea.
8. How about a bloomy scent, reminding of spring – the Rituals room scents are very long-lasting and Sakura fragrance is among my favourites.
9. And as Christmas is the time for family, surprise the adult family members with a nice cocktail, prepared with the help of this rose-gold set.
10. Keep the feet warm with the adorably cosy UGG House shoe pair.

Let’s not forget the gentlemen …

Most men are difficult to shop for – they either have everything they need or don’t want anything specific. Usually, the two best categories for such gentlemen, are electronics or fragrances.

1. AirPods became a hit on the market, once released in 2018. Only a year later, Apple brought out two more models: 2. generation and Pro.
2. For the men, that use iPad frequently, a great gift is the Apple Pencil with their initials.
3. Alexa is one of the most advanced smart assistants available on the market. Integrated into the new Amazon Echo Dot 3, makes her a great companion for the cases when you don’t have your hands free.
4. Signing in the shower? Let them bring their favourite sounds under the shower with the JBL Wireless Waterproof Speaker.
5. They are enjoying photography? A set of lenses for their iPhone would be highly appreciated.

6. Stepping out of the tech world, what every man enjoys is a statement fragrance. Bleu de Chanel has a stylish and elegant scent to it, with which you can never go wrong.
7. A pair of Hugo Boss cufflinks are an elegant gift for every gentleman.
8. High-end leather wallet from Michael Kors is also among the convenient presents.
9. For true gentlemen, having a drink with a friend at the end of a long day is an ideal way to relax. A whiskey set, containing a couple of glasses and a carafe, would also be considered a stylish interior accessory.
10. As the men should also take care of their skin, a great way to inspire them to do so is to give them a Biotherm Homme Aqusapower set of skincare products.

What to give a traveller?

Travelling is an amazing hobby of many and picking up a Christmas present for them might not be the easiest task. They enjoy the convenience and for them, size does matter, especially if flying only with cabin luggage.

1. The first gift idea for a traveller has more to do with all the locations, they have visited already. A scratch-off world map would remind them of all the trip they took, perhaps would also give them, ideas for new destinations.
2. Having a travel size of the favourite skincare in stock would shorten their todo list before the next trip. Not to mention, that it is convenient for the cabin luggage.
3. No matter where you are, drinking water is a must for the human organism. Therefore, a great gift would be a glass water bottle with a protective case.
4. And since we are on the liquid beverages topic, a to-go mug from Kate Spade for coffee or tea is not only a sustainable present but can also be a nice reminder of home.
5. The frequent travellers should also protect their passports. Victoria’s Secret case has also space for credit cards.

6. You are travelling just for the weekend? Not a problem. H&M have few options, which can fit enough for a short trip.
7. Especially for long-distance trips, an eye mask will for sure come in handy. Ban.do has cute and inexpensive options for sleeping beauties.
8. As travelling by plane is unpredictable and you never know if in the cabin will be warm enough, having a big scarf, which can quickly transform into a small blanket, is always a good idea.
9. Especially for those, who travel alone, a 2in1 set of a selfie stick and tripod with Bluetooth remote control would help them collect memories.
10. One more travel essential is a pair of comfortable and noise-cancelling headphones from Bose. If you are looking for a more inexpensive alternative, Phillips has some to offer.

And don’t forget that the best present you can give for Christmas is shared time. 🙂


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