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I have always found the “What’s in my bag” tag very interesting. There is something quite satisfying by seeing what other bloggers and YouTubers carry with themselves on daily basis.  Today I would share with you what secrets my bag carries within.

The survival kit or the handbag

Let’s start with my current favourite bag, which I have been using on daily basis for the past few months. The model is from Michael Kors and is still available on the webpage. The Mercer Medium in black has been a universal solution not only due to the color, but also due to the size.

Often in my daily life, I have to rush from university to work or from work to an event, therefore the bag is perfect for my needs. Conveniently it fits everything, and I am not joking here 😉 Doesn’t matter if there’s an extra pair of comfy shoes, or a 13 inch laptop, there is still room for the essentials.


Coming to essentials: wallet.

As I carry all my cards and documents within it, it’s the one thing I have with me all the time. This is a Tommy Hilfiger wallet in raspberry red. I can’t seem to find another wallet, which fits every bank or customer cards, which I own. Interesting fact: in Bulgaria it’s believed that a red wallet will bring you greater profitability. But actually that’s not the reason, why I got the Tommy Hilfiger wallet in raspberry red. 😀 and hinestly, there is something classy about this specific shade of red.



Organized and ready for inspo moments

Another must have lately has been my blog notebook, which contains every blog post idea or some to-do’s for the blog itself. One thing shouldn’t be missing as well and it’s a pen. After all, you never know when the next good idea will come and you better be prepared to write it down. 🙂

As I spent most of the days in the office, I have also my work notebook alongside. There are written the most important deadlines, as well as my to-do’s for the work week, so that I don’t forget about any important task. Speaking of work, there is also one more item, which is an essitial for me: the access card to the office building.

From early morning to late evening – sometimes the days are long

As some of my days go from early morning to late evening, there must be some products for touch-ups during the day. As much as my setting spray holds the situation, I can’t avoid getting a bit oily in the T-Zone during the day. For this sake I carry around my little cosmetic bag as well. It contains make-up favourites, as well as some female products, and some medicine, for just in case. A travel size parfume shouldn’t be missing, and for this reason I have one from Lancome.







For keeping my make up in place also during the warmest or busiest days, I do touch-ups with the Essence Transparent Powder. For the application of the powder, I use the BH Cosmetics Stibling Brush (109). It proves enough coverage without leaving a powdery finish to the face. And as a girl, which often forgets to take out her lipsticks, I do have always at least three with me. They are all very similar, kept in the nude shading, so that they fit with whatever outfit I wear.

Further life saviors – sunglasses & umbrella


Among the many things Germany though me in the past half a decade, is that the weather here is unpredictable, therefore I usually carry also an umbrella in my bag. This is just a very basic and unexpensive one from DM, because sometimes I tent to forget my umbrellas :-D.

Another side of the unpredictability of the Munich weather is very positive – warm and sunny. What shouldn’t be missing in a sunny day is a pair of sunglasses. Recently I noticed how, I switch between those two models: one from Michael Kors (upper one) and on from ALDO. Both models are very different: from shape perspective and colour.

We all have them – the hygiene essentials

Hand cream, gums and sanatizerapple headphones

Additionaly, few of the tiny things are hand sanatizer, mint gums and a hand cream, as my hands tent to get dry no matter which season we have here. Headphones are also an item, which if it’s suddenly forgotten at home, my day is not the same. Either used for listening to music, an audio book or just for a call – they are a must-have. This pair is from Apple and it’s specifically made for the iPhone models, which sadly have only one plug-in.


The iPhone doesn’t belong in the bag

In this list I will not be including my phone. It’s such an essential part of my life, that it’s never in my bag, but always in my hand. Checking mails or any social media, listening to music or having a call, it became an item, which if don’t have around, something feels wrong.

I hope you found the post interesting and helpful. All the mentioned items will be linked down below.

I am curious what your bag essentials are? What is your must-have for the daily life? Share them with me in the comment section down below. 😉

Forever yours,



The below listed items are not affiliate links and there is no paid partnership with any of the brands mentioned.

1. Michael Kors Mercer Medium Bag in black – Link – Price: 375 € – currently reduced on 225 €
2. Tommy Hilfiger Wallet in Raspberry Red – Link – Price: 69,95 €
3. The Label factory by favlov Notebook A5 – Link – Price: 8,90 €
4. Parker Sanford Pen in silver – Link – Price: 19,80 €
5. Essence ‘All about matte’ Fixing Compact Powder – Link – Price: 2,95 €
6. BH Cosmetics Brush 109 – Link to set – Price of set: 15,49 € – currently reduced on 10,38 €
7. Lancome La vie est belle Travel size Eau de Parfum – Link  

8. Trend it up! Ultra matte lipcream in 045 – Link – Price: 3,75 €
9. Maybelline New York Matte Ink in 60 Poet – Link – Price: 8.95 € – currently reduced on 6,71 €
10. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm – Link – Price: 6,85 €

11. Umbrella in navy blue –  Price: 2,95 €
12. Michael Kors Sunglasses Adrianna III in Peach/Rose – Link – Price: 97,75 €
13. Aldo Cat-Eye Sunglasses Lerawet – Link – Price: 18 € – currently reduced on 8,98 €
14. Balea Hand Sanitizer in Raspberry – Link – Price: 1,95 €
15. Eos Hand Cream in Berry Blossom – Link – Price: 4,99 €
16. Apple Headphones for iPhone 7/8/Plus – Link – Price: 35 €